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Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Finally. I'm doing this. I've contemplated making myself vulnerable and sharing my art with the world since the start of the New Year. It wasn't until about a month ago that I ultimately decided to pull the plug and follow my aspiration of becoming an independent artist. As for this blog, I am not a writer and don't claim to be all knowing... I can only hope it will inspire or guide a kindred spirit in pursuing their goals.

I've known I wanted to be an artist since I was a wee student in Ms. Thompson's Third Grade class. We basked in the glorious Alaskan sun as we sketched a detailed study of the garden in front of the grade school. If you're a fellow creative then you know, when you enter your right brain you lose total awareness of your surroundings and perception of time so all I remember was the flower I watched as it trembled in the wind.

I believe that subconsciously I always knew I'd pursue a creative career although the only art class I ever took was a two hour workshop at a local art store. So I daydreamed through my youth until I registered for classes at the Academy of Art University after my "gap year" where I earned my BFA in Fashion Design.

I had absolutely no clue what to expect yet had great expectations all at the same time. While being a student of the School of Fashion was a separate adventure (a story for another day) I graduated feeling just as clueless as I went in. I was physically, emotionally, and mentally exhausted but giving up was never an option. However, priorities and life have a way of changing plans, and I moved back to Alaska with my husband, didn't create ANYTHING for nearly two years and became a youth advocate at a local Middle-High School.

A friend gave me this as a gift. It's because of the support of the people i surround myself with that I gatehred enough courage to pursue my passion.
Little reminders in the studio.

Naturally I eventually began to sketch, design a few garments here and there, and experimented with new mediums until "one day", became today.

Once a creative, always a creative.




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