New booth, new goals.

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

Fast forward the summer months, a day job, custom orders and product developement and let me share where I am now with my tiny biz.

1. I've had the pleasure of carrying my products via consignment in one of the new local shops.

2. I completed my goals of upgrading my display.

3. I've maintained my momentum.

So let's just touch base on my setup, because I worked really hard on it. :)

After my first vendor show, I knew I didn't want to go into another one without carrying my branding through my display. There was something missing and I wanted to complete it. Fortunately for me, there was set to be a second Train Stop Market in the fall. So, naturally much like the first one, I set it to be my goal date for fulfilling my next step. I had a solid vision of what I wanted my booth to convey. I wanted people to be able to picture my products in their home, and I wanted the experience of purchasing my products to be part of what made it special. So long story shown in pictures... this is what I got.

This time around, I was determined to make time to practice my set up prior to the vendor show weekend. So, that's what I did.

I knew that I wanted to create a display that carried my website design throughout what I envisioned as my portable boutique. I also knew that I wanted to create the idea of walking into a room in your home; so creating a warm and inviting atmosphere was important. Now, this is where my design skills came in handy.

I found an inspiration image of a bedroom on Pinterest (seriously the greatest resource) and used it to develop my mood and color board. I then designed my shelving based on interior design trends and my need to keep it light and portable. It's still a tiny biz and I'm the only employee. My husband was a key part of the development as he built all of my shelving, checkout stand and the sign I designed for my booth. It was his idea to use cedar; the warm browns and fresh aroma it has were perfect for drawing people in.

It's also VERY light.

Designed by Tanya. This was made from unfinished tongue and groove. I added the acrylic based on an cover from an old design portfolio.

Overall, I was extremely pleased with what we came up with, and the reaction that customers had was so encouraging! Changing my display may have added up to be a bit more than I wanted to spend, but it was one hundred percent worth every penny! It not only complimented my art and the brand idea that I had, but it helped build my confidence. I didn't want to shy away from the booth I was standing in.

Now that I have my display complete, I feel that I can continue to focus on my product development. I re-connected with a few local businesses as potential contacts for further consignment and wholesale opportunities. However, I have a long way to go before I can ensure quality control to the masses. So, that's the next goal.

Until next time.

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