How it’s going

This will be short and sweet.

If this coaster doesn’t sum up the second year in business, I don’t know what does. Just to recap for those who have recently stumbled up my business… I re-branded my small business in the spring of 2020. You know, when shit hit the fan. I had been in business a year and wasn’t happy with the face and name of my business. That spring, I was out of work and like most other people, had entirely way too much time on my hands. So I took the time to re-vamp my business name, aesthetic, sourced better quality materials until it became what you see now as Summer SolStudio.

Although my growth has been slow and steady, doing those things has been a game changer for my business. I sold more product and received so many commission opportunities! Why?

Because my business looks more legit.

Take this as your sign to do the thing and spend some time on your biz facelift. It makes a difference.

I did not have a lot of funds available to me, so for now I rebranded on my own. If you have the means to hire out the rebranding of your business, do it! People are pros for a reason. If doing it yourself is your only option then do some research. Find your target market and different aesthetic elements that you like from you fave brands and get to work creating your brand with YOUR OWN flare. Don’t make it look like everyone else’s. If people want to buy your product it’s because they connect with it. They connect with your individuality. So by all means, be inspired by others. But don’t be lame and copy other people.

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